Steps to follow to set up a winning strategy for your Business

chessEveryone has a business idea whereby some are decent while others are probably not good. Even if you have a great business idea, there is a difference between having the idea and implementing it into a successful startup company. Do you have what it takes to become a great entrepreneur? First, you need to have a market entry strategy which is a tool that clarifies your aim in achieving your plan and what you will do to have it happen. A market entry plan provides you with a roadmap for your whole business.

If you want to build a winning market entry for your business, here is how to go about it.

Set clear goals

You need to be very specific on what you intend to achieve. The goals that you set should be backed up by research. You need to thoroughly research and analyze your product, your objectives as well as the market. You need to consider twice as much time doing research, evaluating and thinking before you can write the actual business plan. To write a perfect plan, you must know your company, your competition, your product as well as the market. Your main task is to know everything you can about a business or industry you are getting yourself into.

Purpose of your plan

You need to determine the purpose of your plan. This is where a business plan comes in, which defines the nature of your business, the sales and marketing strategy you are going to use, financial projections as well as operational strategy you are going to use to make your business happen. Such a road map would be very important in giving you directions to your business future and help you avoid bumps ahead.

Create Company Profile

You need to create a company profile that includes the history of your organization, the products and services you are looking forward to offer, the resources you have as the target market and audience. Company profiles are normally found on a company’s official website and are used solely for the purpose of attracting possible customers as well as talent. A company profile is quite essential, and one of the main parts written in any business plan.

Have a Strategic Marketing Plan in Place

marketingYou need to have a strategic marketing plan in place. Any great business plan must have a strategic and aggressive marketing plan. It must include things such as introducing new products, extending or regaining markets for existing products, how the company aims to enter new territories, cross selling, entering into long-term contracts, the pricing strategy, product refining, content marketing strategy among others. Each marketing objective must have several goals as well as tactics to be used to achieve such goals.


You will have different readers as well as customers interacting with your business. Those who will be reading your business plan might include bankers, employees, venture capitalist among others. Some of these readers will not have a lot of interest in your business plan. You need to take care of their interests as well. For example, bankers will be interested in getting details of cash flow statements and balance sheets, while venture capitalists will be looking for basic business concepts as well as the composition of your management team.