Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Maryland

Culinary institute of AmericaDid you know that Maryland State, one of the states that makes up the United States of America was actually named after Queen Henrietta Maria of France? Maryland is a state known for many things including the Ravens and Redskins, the two main teams in Maryland. You may get to know about Maryland because of Baltimore, one of the towns in Maryland which is very famous even though it is not the capital city of Maryland. Annapolis is the capital city of Maryland.

It does not matter whether you have spent all your life in Maryland, just a few years or you have just relocated here, the following are some of the interesting things about Maryland that you should know about.

Bipolar weather

The weather here can change from extremely hot to extremely cold on the following day. The weather in Maryland is very unpredictable such that residents here can even experience snow during the last days of March.

Rainfall tax

Speaking of weather, in the year 2012, a tax related tax was introduced in Maryland. The citizens here are charge every year for the sidewalks, roofs and other surfaces found on their property. This is done so as to cater for the environment and make it better. So, if you live in Maryland, you not only have to worry about the cold during stormy weather but also you have to be ready to be taxed for it.

Athens of America

Annapolis, the capital of Maryland, was once referred to as the ‘Athens of America’. This was during the 17th century. Annapolis has also once served as the capital of the United States. It was regarded as the ‘Athens of America because Annapolis had a variety of cultural activities and it was known for gracious hospitality, an amazing social season and was a great place for those seeking mental stimulation. Due to this, this small seaport attracted visitors from all over the world.

Law on labor

The state of Maryland was the first state in the United States to pass laws regarding worker’s compensation in the year 1902. This law guaranteed compensation to workers who got into accidents ta the workplace regardless of whose fault it was.

Old generation

The oldest living people in the world are found in Maryland. There are about 48 people who are 114 years or older living in Maryland. This is claimed by the State Board of Elections.

So there you have it, the interesting facts about Maryland. This information will help you while interacting with the residents here if you decide to visit Maryland. Besides, it is always good to know about the place where you are living or where you plan to live.